Live tickle session of 20 yo model with long toes - first tickling in her life


Length – 27:46

New model Iren tries tickling for the first time in her life. She has no idea what tickling fetish is but she’s curious to know and asks me questions during the process. Who loves tickling? And why people love to tickle?
From the start, she’s hogtied and I will tickle her big and tender feet with long toes. I use hand cream and a brush. Sometimes I tickle her sides a bit and she tells about her sensations.

Her most ticklish spot is her feet, she laughs and squeals from the intense tickling of her soles and toes.
After hogtying tickling she lies on a massage table, she wears jeans and a bra. Her feet look sexy and I tickle them with a feather and my hands and she comments it. You just found my weak spot!

I tickle her feet for a long time and we can see a close-up of her soles. Then I tickle her armpits and sides with a pointy end of the feather. The girl starts worrying and becoming shy. She turns on the stomach and I tickle her ribs and armpits and then move to her feet again to hear her laugh.

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