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LKJ's first time wrapped and tickled

Length - 08:25
- 1080P -
Published 16 November, 2022

So my friend LKJ was curious about my set up. So what better way to show her, than to invite her over to give it a try! Here we see her mummification wrapped, boobs exposed, vibrating wand in place, blindfolded and ankles secured in my stocks. Shes not going anywhere soon and her big bare UK size 8s are left exposed and at my mercy. I start with my fingers to guage her reaction, I had no idea how she would react. Met with immediate laughter, I knew I was in for a treat. Especially when she says “I wasnt prepared” through fits of laughter.I keep using my fingers to keep her laughing and boobs jiggling, when eventually she tells me shes not ticklish… Not sure I believe her, do you? As I work her big soles over with my fingers, for some one who claims they arent ticklish, she sure laughs a lot. Then tells me I should give her a warning before tickling her. Who knew? I keep up with my fingers until I try out feathers between her toes. Getting a little reaction, I switch ends and stroke her soles with the quill. Once again Im met with her laughter.

Up next I use Pulsar electric toothbrushes to keep her giggling. Once I bring out the grooming gloves, she struggles to get her words out through laughing, which of course I tease her about it! The 3D hairbrush greets her big soles and creates even more laughter and struggling to speak. Then its time for the exfolating mitts, which dont disappoint. while setting up my camera again, I switched on the vibrating wand that is strapped between her legs. She was forced to orgasm before I could finish setting up, but I did catch me tickle her straight after(Dont worry, I caught plenty of them in her next video.) Of course I had to take advantage of that post orgasm sensitivity. You can hear how much more sensitive her feet are after that as my fingers tickle her soles, keeping her in fits of laughter. She took it all really well for her first time, especially not being sure how she would react. More of LKJ soon!

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