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LKJ's forced orgasms and foot tickles

Length - 21:31
- 1080P -
Published 18 November, 2022

More of LKJ’s first time being tickled. This time with you see and hear her orgasm repeatedly and laugh hysterically. We start with a view of her big UK size 8 feet sticking out of the stocks and the wand buzzing away. You can hear her gasps and moans as the wand brings her closer and closer to orgasm, until it hits. Her pleasurable moans escape louder and her soles scrunch up hard, then unscrunch as she continues to enjoy the wand and start to build up towards the next orgasm… or so she thinks! I had other plans and start tickling her soles with my fingers. Immidiate hysterical laughter escapes her lips and she tries to tell me “no” but the laughter is too much. I stop a few moments later and as her giggles switch to moans again, the wand that is still switched on, starts to bring her towards another orgasm. I switch it up a bit so she can enjoy herself more, before straddling her ankles and begin to tie back her big toes. This proves difficult as she is forced to orgasm again and her toes scrunch hard and soles wrinkle up. Orgasmic moans are heard once more as I carry on tying her big toes back. Once done its tickle time again and now that she cant flail her big sensitive feet around, my fingers can focus on her soles, no with that extra post orgasm sensitivity. Keeping her laughing hysterically as her soles and under her toes are tickled with no way to escape my touch. Youll see her orgasm and then me pouncing on her soles scruching soles after each time, with her helpless to do anything but hysterically laugh and have to take all the tickles. Working my way through my fingers, 3D hair brush, exfoliating mitts and grooming gloves. As if she wasnt ticklish enough, I smother her soles in coconut oil to help the situation. At one point she thinks she can be sneaky and be quiet as she orgasms, in hopes itll stop me tickling her straight after. Little does she know she has a tell that gives her away. If you like responsive feet, forced orgasms, ticklish feet and endless laughter, this 21+ mins video of that is for you!

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