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LKJ’s socked feet tickled


Length - 14:46
- 1080P -
Published 10 January, 2023

Had requests for sock tickles from LKJ, so heres her tickled in socks. Her big UK size 8’s are sticking out my stocks as shes wrapped up tight, boobs out, vibe in place, while hooded and gagged. They are covered in with her shoes and socks, the first doesnt last too long. Unlacing them one at a time and slipping them off reveals her socked covered feet and ready for the tickles ahead. Working over her socked feet with my fingers, you can hear her muffled laughter escape. She cant do anything but lay there and laugh herself silly as my full attention is on her soles. Soon the Pulsar electric toothbrushes come out and they are still effect even through her socks.

No protection here! A change of view and my fingers work over her soles once more. Even straddling her ankles to get a better reach of her feet. Then back to the toothbrushes. Back to the fingers again, you can hear her squeal and laugh through her gagged mouth as I dont let up. Not giving her a break, I bring out a hair brush and brush her soles for more fun muffled sounds. Feeling confident she needs more, the 3D round hairbrush comes out and drives her wild to the point she rattles the stocks. Obviously shes not going anywhere and I carry on tickling. Those of you who have seen her other videos know that LKJ loves orgasms with her tickles. So I switch the vibe on and give her one. As soon as she is done, I take advantage and tickle her feet. She cant enjoy her orgasms and squeals and laughs as I carry on her torment. Switching views again, I tease her soles with my fingers, building up the tickles. Before attacking with the hairbrush. Just got to love her muffled laughter! Finally I peel back her socks half way and wedge the Pulsar electric toothbrushes under and all she can do is squirm her feet and laugh. I eventually take her socks off fully and apply the toothbrushes some more. 14+ mins of sock tickle fun!

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