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Long tickle submission

Length - 46:39
- 1080P -
Published 10 September, 2022

This is a very spicy session with Lea, a girl who really wants to try a tickling session. I met her through a fetish contact page and the truth is that she is interested in everything related to feet and her restrictions, so she is very excited to participate in this. Lea is a girl with beautiful curves who is 23 years old and is in her last year of university and she wants to be tickled mercilessly to release the stress of the exams. In addition, she has very sexy chubby feet size 38eu. She is naked and has a black catsuit and a blindfold on so she won’t know when or how I’m going to stimulate her.

First I’ll do a little tickle test with my toes on her feet as she sucks on her toes as she starts to giggle. I am increasing the intensity to get loud laughs but when I combine feet with armpits and sides of her she explodes in loud uncontrolled laughter, it is wonderful to listen to her. She then ripped the catsuit over her feet and sucked gently on her toes and soles. I immediately get her sitting up and start tickling and licklish her feet. She shudders with delight but can’t help laughing. She finally tied her toes up and started the intense tickling of her feet. If Lea can’t tickle her she can say the word cold and I will put an ice cube on her nipple until she says hot and start tickling her feet again until she goes crazy.

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