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Lucile and her Boyfriend - Tickling can be Painful


Duration : 24:27

Okay guys, so … this video is a bit special! At first I wasn’t supposed to share it with you since it is not exactly the kind of sequence I like, but I ended up thinking that some of you might like it.

Lucile is a young and beautiful model, very fashion and a bit uppity at the first look. Anyway, she agreed to try the tickle shoot, and she even brought her boyfriend with her. She told me before the shoot that she didn’t like to have her feet touched but that she will do her best to take it. Besides, she thought she was not so ticklish. In fact, she wanted to tickler her boyfriend since he was supposed to be by far the best ticklee ! Well, D-day arrived and I decided to bring a friend, Elisa (she is not ticklish so she won’t shoot with me as a lee, sorry), to help me and to show her what I do on my freetime 😛 !

We began with a little tickle test, which gave us two informations : first, the boyfriend is not that ticklish, and second, Lucile is ! She is way more sensitive than she thought, and Valentin (her BF) soon understands that he is the one who will have a great time ! The first real scene we shot is a tickle quizz (with english subtitles) with simple rules : you guess wrong, you get tickled ! In this scene, you will see the couple trying to hold on while being tickled, and if the boy is good at it, his girlfriend is not ! After this, I told Lucile that she will have to do all the remaining scenes since Valentin is definitely not ticklish enough … and she totally changed her mind ! She started arguing, she was really upset, yet we still decided to try the stocks. She sits with her ankles locked and her boyfriend as a ler (with the help of Elisa or mine) and the scene starts. Lucile does not react as well as she did, but she still have some good laugh, especially when the scrubs tools are used. She does her best to hold on and not laugh, since she thinks it will just stop the scene. And in fact, it affects her so much that she starts complaining very bad, saying that “it hurts” and, at the end, she starts crying since she is too much annoyed. I cut there since I was feeling uncomfortable.

When I unlocked her and said her we would stop there, her mind changed again and she started acting like a sweetheart ! We finally separated as good friends, even after her “mental breakdown”, which astonished me ! It was a strange session, but I hope you will like it anyway 🙂 !

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