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Madame Meen in the Stocks

Length - 25:27
- 1080P -
Published 12 November, 2022

Madame Meen is a sexy 40-year-old milf who loves to navigate the environments of domination and various fetishes. Fortunately, I crossed the street with her in a completely fortuitous way and I wondered what I was doing. Hahahaha … seeing his extroverted spirit and his naughty step-son I could not help but confess about the study of tickling fetishism and she was enthusiastic and told me that she would be happy to try this fetish.

Interestingly she is a dominant woman with experience in the subject, but at the same time is very morbid and loves to experiment with the novelty in addition to being very tempting everything that has to do with foot fetishism.

Now I understand that he accepted so fast, so without wasting time we went to the studio to deflower his delicious and whitish feet number 38 .. As soon as he sees the trap his face says it all and immediately he sits down and asks me to try it with impatience. So I start this great session completely improvised.

I start to tickle Meen’s feet with my fingers, fingernails and an electric toothbrush producing a sweet and contagious laugh, interspersed with strange sounds that look like moans. The tickling intensify as the session progresses by applying cream on their soles and adding all kinds of toys such as hair brushes, combs, brushes, chopsticks that will make our model whirl with laughter, which will beg many times with very loud exclamations. funny as nononononononon! That will be repeated throughout the session.

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