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Maid Education: tickling & licking feet and nipples

Ann is tied up and the 2 maids tickle her for a raise. Stacy explain Patty that this is what they do every few months, and Ann likes it; which makes Ann to protest immediately, while Stacy start showing Patty the secret sensitive spots where to tickle Ann’s feet. They both play with Ann’s feet, using their tongue and fingers, making Ann to laugh and beg, while they ask her few times about a raise and few weeks of paid vacation; and Ann refuses. So They move on the upper body and Stacy introduce Patty to the electric toothbrush; showing her how it feels first on her nipples, then she show her how to use it on Ann’s nipples, alternating between the tongue and the electric toothbrush; while Patty tickle Ann’s sides and underarms.

Then Patty start tickling Ann’s nipples and armpits, while Stacy tickle the other nipple and underarms. Stacy then tell Patty that Ann is quite horny since she tickled both of them. Stacy asks Ann again about the raise and the paid vacation; Ann agree to the vacation but not to the raise; so Patty suggest that she should go back to Ann’s feet, since she likes to tickle her there and she is very sensitive there; while Stacy start to tease Ann on her panty line and then she moves to the panties and tickle her pussy, while she tease Ann verbally and while licking and tickling her nipples. Ann at this point start to go crazy by the dual tickling and the stimulation on her pussy and start begging, telling them that she will give them anything they want.

They continue for a bit making Ann laugh and beg; Stacy tell Patty that she is doing a great job, and that it will be more fun to tickle after a person has an orgasm; Patty reply that she loves her new job, and would love to try the toothbrush too.

Ann is tied up and the 2 maids tickle her for a raise. Stacy explain Patty that this is what they do...

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