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Maya and Yolla. Double tickling

In this video: static camera, tickling feet, toe-ties.
Tickling devices: hands, an oil, a feather, a hairbrush and an electric toothbrush.

Well, Maya and Yolla sit on the bed, their hands and feet are bound. The toes are also tied. They are well fixed and are already preparing for an intense tickling. Girls have a good mood, they joke and giggle. Red caps fit them by the way. I go up and start tickling them. It is very fun. I use my hands, and then the feather and the hairbrush.

Subsequently the electro toothbrush goes on. I also grease their feet with the oil. Both girls are ticklish, they have cute reaction and emotions. Periodically my partner comes to the rescue and we the girls together. This video is very alive, lots of laughter and tickling feet. Enjoy!

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