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Maya’s feet punishment and tightly hogtied Astrid like a piece of furniture

By John

The clip begins with how two beauties are tied in different poses. Astrid is in a tight rope hogtie in her lingerie. All she can do is to lie there and struggle as well as to watch over the sufferings of her friend Maya, who is also tied up and fixed on the bench. Maya’s big toes are tied together and pulled back, her pinky toes are stretched from different directions.

I come up and start beating Maya’s feet and watch her reaction and also enjoy Astrid’s reaction.
I continue caning Maya’s soles with a bamboo stick and she squeals loudly.

I her to count blows out loud, and then I put a red ballgag into her mouth and continue. Maya has very sensitive feet and sometimes she starts to cry a little, but she endures. I calm her down a bit, change my bamboo stick to a whip and continue to whipping her soles.

I’m still watching for Astrid reaction and I notice that despite strong empathy to Maya she can’t conceal that she likes everything that is happening around.

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