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Merry Christmas! – Two New Years blondes in big stocks !

Well, two blondes sit with their feet in brand new huge stocks and I’m going to check their ticklishness.
Milena is on the left, she’s a strong one with thick skin on her soles.
Larisa is on the right, she’s a fragile girl, very tender one.
I begin with light tickling and then raise the intensity, using some devices and my fingers. Girls become more ticklish and have fun.

Next, I seat behind them and start tickling their sides. Girls’ reaction is very nice.
Then you will see a closer angle on their feet from below. I tickle their feet and they are laughing and chatting about that with each other.
Next, an F/F tickling comes! Milena tickles feet of beautiful Larisa. She tickles Larisa’s feet with her fingernails, tickles her soles and between the toes. Larisa is laughing and close her face with hands. She waves her hands to get some fresh air, she’s hot from the tickling. It’s time to get some rest…

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