Mistress makes her slave lick her feet and mercilessly tickles him exclusive nude version


Length - 31:54 - 1080P

The mistress brings her slave by a leash – she sits down and allows him to massage her feet. He takes her leg and begins to kiss her. She manipulates him and humiliates, praises, and forces to do what she wants. The slave kisses and licks her foot, and then takes both feet at once.

The slave undresses and while he licks the lady’s feet, she tickles his balls with a metal claw and at the end slams his ass with a whip.
The lady takes the slave to the tickling table. He is bound and the lady torments his body with tickling. She tickles him with her nails, as well as two metal claws, and he wriggles and groans. She tickles his nipples and lower abdomen and says, “I like so much when you suffer”!

Now the lady goes his feet and slowly runs over them with sharp nails forcing him to twitch. She squeezes the big toes of his legs and tickles him with her fingernails. Then she returns to his body again and applies Wartenberg’s pinwheel. And then she lashes out abruptly and severely torments his sides and armpits.
The mistress tickles the slave with the jeans down with an emphasis only on his dick and balls.

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