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Length - 10:38 -
Definition - 1080P

My first time sock tickles with R

*Discounted due to occasional blurred moments* Here we have my friend R. She has been wanting to visit for a while but our schedules conflicted, but here we are. Shes only had a few tickle sessions before and none of them with this style of restraint. So I have her gagged, blindfolded, wrapped and stocked, so shes fully helpless and going no where. She really wanted this set up, so who am I to go against that!

I start by unlacing her trainer and pulling it off, revealing her big UK size 8 sole in a white ankle sock. Even tickling her with her sock on, you can tell she is ticklish and in trouble! A few more tickles and the other trainer is unlaced and removed, so both socked feet are exposed and tickled. You can hear her muffled giggles through the gag as my fingers work over her soles.

Next I bring out Pulsar electric toothbrushes and test them against the tops and soles of her socked feet for more muffled giggles. Working through some toys, you get to see my 3D hair brush and one of my less used toys, a back scratcher.

Which works well for scratching other spots too. One of my favourite toys, the exfoliating mitt takes her by surprise and she tries to grip it, in hopes to stop me using it. Which obviously fails when I bring out the other one and show her what happens to those who try to resist. Back to using my fingers to rake her soles and mixing it up with the previously used toys, you see her feet squirm as they try to escape the tickles.

But as we all know, that aint happening! The Pulsar electric toothbrushes come back to be slipped under her socks. I pull the socks fully back over her feet and you can see the effect they have on her. Sneaking in tickles from the back scratcher. Finally I end things with my fingers. Nothing like feeling sensitive soles under your touch as you make them feel lots of tickles! If you like sock tickles, this ones all that. Again discounted due to occasional camera failure, but was too good to not share. 10+ mins of sock tickle fun at a low price!

*Discounted due to occasional blurred moments* Here we have my friend R. She has been wanting to visit for a while but...
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