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Nervous 18 years old Katarina gets her soft feet tickled for the first time!

Length - 18:49
- 1080P -
Published 7 November, 2022

May I introduce our next student to be tickled? Katarina, an 18-year-old girl who just turned 18 two weeks ago. She is new to the local university and was directly targeted by Lisa, our main tickler! Katarina is studying fashion/design and I would describe her character as very innocent and shy. She is a positive person who is always smiling and cares a lot about her style. Katarina was extremely nervous during the shoot, which gives the video a special atmosphere. You will see an 18 year old girl tickled by another 18 year old girl, extremely unique! Lisa tickles her feet with her long nails in a very playful way and really enjoys it. Katarina can not stand this slow tickling and immediately has to laugh. After ten minutes, she asks me if she can take off her black shirt because she feels very hot. Luckily, her upper body is tickled next and Lisa has now all possibilities to tickle the young girl on her armpits and sides! Katarina can’t hold it in and is super ticklish on her sides, the little top she is now wearing makes it even worse! Katarina is available for customs!

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