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Non-stop Tickling for Ida and Georgia


Clip length : 10:24

When Karol and I have spoken about her come back, she immediatly told me that she was ok and that she already knew which friends she will bring, but she had one condition : she wanted to tickle these friends in the stocks with me. Looks like she wanted to be the giver after having been the poor receiver 😛 ! How could I say no ? Well, here we are with Ida the mexican and Georgia the kenyan, both locked in the stocks and ready to endure the most terrific punishment of their life ! Since Karol was the headmaster for this scene, she insisted that her friends had to be blindfolded and with their feet oiled to be more sensitive. She chose to tickle Georgia – we couldn’t move too much so I let her decide whom she wanted to tickle the most – while I was punishing Ida.

We then began to tickle the hell out of the girls, showing them absolutely no mercy ! Ida shows a lot of bravery since she did not ask me to stop, not even once, but Georgia supplied Karol for the two of us ! Both girls have been tickled with every tools we had, including brushes, gloves, and of course, our hands ! They are equally ticklish so it was quite fair, even if the kenyan girl is a bit more the “crying baby” kind of ticklee. Her big soles receive a punishment they will never forget, Karol made sure of it ! Ida’s feet are a bit thiner, but not less ticklish ! Together they made a great duo ! And let me tell you that they never hated Karol more than at this very moment 😉 !

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