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Nylon feet tickling in stocks for Mora in Y position

Definition - 1080P
Length - 18:42


t’s well known, there is nothing worse for Mora as tickling her feet, it seems to me that she will prefer anything else but tickling. That’s why we love to tickle her, love it very much 😀
This time, special agent Mora enters a fetishists den and discovers a strange bench and some devices on it. The agent has already started to examine them and lost sight of the fact that someone is sneaking behind her. Masked man grabs her and drags her away…

In the next shot, Mora is already tightly fixed in stocks, she has a ballgag in her mouth, and she is blindfolded. Masked man tickles her nylon feet with his nails, as well as an electric toothbrush and combs. Mora didn’t expect such a turn of events, she goes crazy with tickling and squeals through the gag. Her big toes are tied firmly to the stocks so the poor agent can’t move too much and has nothing to do but to suffer the tickling… Enjoy!

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