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Olivia – Intense tickling her tender soles

18 years old cutie Olivia is tightly fixed to a bench with leather straps. She sits with her feet towards the camera. Her big toes are tied with a thin string.
In this clip, she found out about real tickling for the first time in her life. Olivia has very sensitive feet with smooth skin. Even her heels are very tender and ticklish. Funny how she doesn’t even know how sexy her feet are.

At first, I tickle her feet with my hands, then I add some devices like electric toothbrush and hair comb. Also, I put a bandage over her eyes and check her upper body and armpits a little bit. I love her reaction but anyway move back to her sexy soles. At some moment her fixed hands got numb so I changed their position to more comfortable. But as a small punishment, I put a ball gag into her mouth and continue tickling her feet. Then the gag was removed but tickling didn’t stop.

The cutie is very nice in squealing and laughing, I love her reaction. Enjoy!

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