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Pilates coach – Tickling in Hogtied and 4 hands tickle

Pretty and young pilates coach is coming back in the new clip. She is already warmed up and waits for the continuation of the tickling. She responds to short questions, and then we hogtie her with bracelets.
We start with tickling by a comb and cream and massage brush. Girl laughs beautifully and sometimes she gasps fro the tickling of her yummy feet. Her abs tenses and she looks so helpless and hot at the same time.

Next we are going to tickle her with four hands with all parties and bite her feet as well. From such actions she screams a lot. Sweaty and wet, she shakes her hair and laughing.
The intense tickling ends, the girl liked it very much, but she doesn’t want to stay long in this position.

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