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Polina’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Definition - 1080P
Length - 15:31


Polina is a really hot twenty- girl that I met at the Casino a few weeks ago, and she was totally curious about my work when I first met her at the bar! I told her about our Dreamgirls in Socks studio, then she was totally curious to know a little more about that sweaty socks challenge! When I told her that the girls are wearing their socks for about a week straight, then I have to deal with their socks on my face for about an hour after, while they are just relaxing and watching some Netflix, so she was really curious to give it a try! I told her that I would love to try this challenge with her, and having her sweaty socks on my face for about an hour, while she would just relax and watch some Netflix, so she told me that there is absolutely no chance I could deal with her sweaty socks on my face for an hour after she would have been worn them for a full week! Then she told me, if you are so sure about that, what about if we do two hours? So I could probably watch a full movie on Netflix, while you are trying to win this crazy challenge with my feet on your face? Challenge accepted! She wanted to be reward for this, so she told me that if I could not make it for two hours, I would have to pay her a bonus of two hundred dollars! Another deal accepted!


Polina went back to her home after the Casino, then she choses a cute nice pair of old Adidas white socks, then she send me a few pics just to warn me that she is planning now to wear those cute Adidas socks for a full week! I was so excited about seeing her again, so I just couldn’t wait! The most teasing thing about this process, is that she was sending me some pics of her socks almost every day, right after work! She was also sending me intimidating messages like: « I just can’t wait to rub my sweaty socks in your face, and just relax on your couch! My socks will be so stinky, and you will have such a hard time with me! You just have no idea how cruel i could be! » I have to admit that this was such a tease, just to read her text messages for the week!


Polina came to my place, on a Sunday afternoon, after her last working day of the week, then we were almost ready to start! She told me many times before we start, that I just have no chance at all to win this challenge, but she would totally enjoy if I could at least try to win for an hour, so she could rest her sweaty socks and feet on my face! i told her that I will do my best, and I really have the intention to win this challenge! Polina just makes sure the rules are very clear before we start this challenge, then she gives me the call to take her boots off! I slowly take one of her boot off, then she immediatly covers my face with her stinky right foot! The smell of that sock was so intense, and that was only one foot! I immediatly take her other boot off, then she completely covers my face with both of her feet, with her cruel smile of satisfaction! That smell was so strong! I will remember that smell for the rest of my life! She starts rubbing her sweaty socks all over my face, then she asks me to kiss the bottom of her feet! She seems to really enjoys to dominate me, so she now wants me to stick my tongue out, so she can make me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! Again they were so sweaty, and so tasty! But this beautiful Princess totally deserves all that attention on her feet!


Polina also wants to give some fresh air to her feet, since that was kind of included in our deal, so she makes me take her socks of with my teeth, then just pushes both of her socks inside my mouth with her toes! She covers my face with both of her sweat naked feet, then keeps smiling about seeing my face under her feet! I had both of her socks in my mouth, and both of her feet on my face, and I was trying to see her cute smile through her toes! She is just so cute! i could have stayed in that couch all night long with her feet on my face! She tells me many times how lucky I am to have her stinky feet on my face, then she starts to make me lick the sweaty bottom of her feet! That was just the icing on the cake! She told me that if I can’t do the two hours straight, she might give me another chance to do it another time, but the amount of money would probably be the double! That was for sure one of the most intense sweaty socks challenge this year so far, and the complete version of this clip is actually 67 minutes!! I have to tell you that you will instantly fall in love with this cruel and dominant Polina! You’ve been warned!

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