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Poor Camille Tickled Twice in the Stocks (with BTS)

Poor Camille Tickled Twice in the Stocks (with BTS)


Length : 11:07

After her short introduction in Leila’s video, it’s time to see Camille suffer for real in our stocks ! And man she’s gonna get for her money ! Let me explain : the sound recording went wrong during the first 2/3 of her video, when I finally realized it. It means that we had to do the scene twice ! We ended the first one, then Camille have had a short 10 minutes rest and we went at her again with Leila – which was quite enjoying this – for the missing part !

So the 3/4 first minutes come from the first record and the other part comes from the second one. Camille is not the kind of girl who laughs and shouts all the time like Leila, she only giggles, but her facial expressions are what really worth it. She has a very expressive face and you can see when the tickling is really too much for her. Obviously she was not quite happy when I told her that we had to do it again, but she still did it at the end. I let the camera on for a few seconds after we stopped, so you’ll be able to hear her thoughts right before it ended.

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