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Revenge of Lolly’s servants – “If you don’t agree we’re gonna lick your sensitive feet!”

Definition - 1080P
Length - 40:05


Lolly is a respected sexy mistress of a big house and she is served by two men who are always faithful to her.
But one day, Lolly gets her evening cocktail and doesn’t like it, but not because it wasn’t tasty, she just loves to humiliate men.

“Quickly redid my cocktail!” – She orders her servant. He tries to complain about his low salary, but he has to give in and shut up. Until one moment…

While the second servant, Andrey is doing foot massage for Lolly, the second colleague has a plan to persuade Andrey to sophisticatedly take revenge on Lolly.
Together they decide to take revenge on her. Then they put on masks so that the cameras wouldn’t capture their faces and while Lolly fell resting they attacked her and tied her up.

Now they put forward their demands but Lolly sends them to hell! Then they proceed to their plan and begin to tickle her sexy body and especially the feet. Lolly is very ticklish on her soles and laughs while her feet get tickled with a large feather.
They tickle her on both sides, along her ribs and feet, and Lolly asks them to stop through the gag.
“Do you agree to our demand for money?”
“Of course not!”
“Then we will lick your feet!”
“Do not dare!” – With this cry, Lolly laughs from a tickling tongue. The servant tickles and sucks her toes and feet and it is wildly ticklish for her.
She lies belly down and endures a tickling tongue and biting her feet and you can only hear the smacking mouth and Lolly’s laughter.
She doesn’t want to give up and decides to endure all the torture. Then they put her on her back and raise her feet and again begin to tickle her body, ears, and feet. And Andrey again begins to lick her toes and feet.
Still no luck for them.

Then the servant takes Lolly on his shoulder and carries her into the bedroom. Here they tie Lolly on the bed and begin to tickle helpless and stubborn Lolly with the help of a massager and a toothbrush that gets under the armpits and even on the bare nipple.

Lolly goes crazy… Then they turn her over to her stomach and tightly bind her knees and feet. The servant sits behind her legs and again licks beautiful and soft toes of the mistress.
After some time, Lolly gets exhausted and agrees with the demands of the servants – after that they leave her alone in sexual agony – after all, this brought her some secret pleasure.

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