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Rhianna's First Time - Nylons and Bare !

Length - 17:40
- 1080P -
Published 16 October, 2022

Rhianna surprised us all when she agreed to shoot a tickle clip. A mother of five in a military family, Rhi is super nice with a great sense of humor, but in a practical, no-nonsense sort of way. We all have friends who see through our BS and keep us honest – that’s Rhi. And at work, she had to be tough as nails to manage a bunch of unruly construction crews who liked nothing better than to give her a hard time. But she always handled herself with poise and good humor and managed to keep them in line. Rhi is one of those people who it’s hard to imagine losing control. You just don’t picture Rhi being tied up, much less tickle tortured, which is why this first clip was such a surprise. Going in, she didn’t even think she was ticklish. As we strapped her into the chair, she vowed to the ladies present to hold in her laughter, no matter what we did.

We started by tickling Rhi with nylons on, and I love how in the opening seconds of this clip you can see her realize what she’s in for. She immediately starts squirming and laughing, and you hear Elaine say, “She didn’t even hold it for anything!” To which Rhi replies, “Nooo! I’m useless! Oh my God!” Her frustrated screams dissolve into laughter, and for the next 20 minutes, we learn just how ticklish Rhi’s nyloned and bare feet really are. Her laugh is just amazing. If you like to see strong “real” women tickled on their feet and driven crazy with laughter, this clip is a must have. Enjoy! -Q.

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