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Roxy’s Sleepy Feet

Holy Fuck! Here’s a great one! Tonight was Roxy’s X-mas party so that was her last day to work before Christmas! She wokes up at 7am this morning for her last shift and comes back home from this party around 2am! Does it sounds like 19 hours with her boots on? That’s fuckin’ right! She falls resting on the couch after this crazy party and her slave was just dreaming about smelling her feet! He thought that maybe he could do it secretly without she notices or maybe the envy was just too strong? He slowly takes her boots off to rub his nose in her sweaty nyloned feet!

The smell was just incredible! They were kind of wet after dancing all night! He also wants to taste that sweat so he just dip his tongue into Roxy’s nyloned feet! The trouble begins when Roxy’s woking up! She wants to call the cops on him so he must now obey her commands or he get caught! I want you to smell my feet now or you’ll be in big trouble! You are now under my control and under arrest! (French Language)

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