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Length - 08:30 -
Definition - 1080P

S stocked and tickled on her bare feet

S is still mummification wrapped, hooded and ankles locked in my stocks, with her big sensitive UK size 8s there all bare and waiting for attention. Her gag has been removed and you can hear her tell me that now her mouth is free, she will only get herself into more trouble. Which doesnt really matter as she is in a lot of trouble already as you see me straddle her ankles and begin to apply a hairbrush to her soles. You can hear her moan in pleasure as I keep brushing her soles, at times a few giggles escape. I tell her its ok she can laugh, but she tells me its hard to laugh and cum at the same time, who knew?! All from just her feet being tickled!

She bursts out into hysterical laughter, now more sensitive post orgasm and I keep up the brushing to taking advantage of that. Next I use a grooming glove on her soles which at first makes her moan before once more making her laugh hysterically as I “groom” her feet. Now shes not gagged, its funny to hear all she says during this time, inbetween her hysterical outbursts. The 3D round hairbrush is next and its a mixture of pleasure and tickly until the ticklish sensations take over more and bring out more laughter. Finally its time for the exfoliating mitts. One for each of her big sensitive soles.

At first for a moment it makes her moan in pleasure until once more the ticklish sensations win and more laughter ensues as both soles get exfoliated. Lots more hysterical laughter from S as she cant do anything to stop the tickles.

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