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Sabina. Tickle, Tickle, Tickle

Sabina is barefoot, she’s sitting on the couch. I give her cell phone and her to relax and does not to notice me and my actions. Before that, I handcuffed her hands with handcuffs in front of her and tied her legs lightly with a rope.

So, Sabina is surfing Facebook, and I’m creeping up to her sexy feet with a toothbrush and begin to gently touch her tender soles. She has very sensitive feet, so my hobby doesn’t allow her to sit quietly and read news feed. I tickle her legs with a toothbrush and sometimes with my fingernails. Sabina giggles cute.

After that I decide to tickle her armpits. I take her hands in handcuffs and lead them over my head, so her upper body immediately became available and I begin to tickle her sides, ribs and armpits. She has a very nice reaction! I like it. Enjoy

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