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Sally laughs, laughs very loudly

Definition - 1080P
Length - 12:34


Height – 173
Weight – 45 kg
Shoe size (US 7) 37

Name – Sally
Height – 175 cm
Age – 23 y.o.
Weight – 50 kg
Shoe size – 38 (8,5 US)

Well, what’s for tonight? Okay! Here’s pretty Russian girl, which is tied to a bench by her arms and legs.
Hi Sally, guess what I’ve got for you? Sally is very sensitive to tickling the armpits and on the ribs. When you begin to tickle her, she jerks, squeals and laughs. This is pretty exciting! In general, she says that she does not like when being bound and tickled, but if so – what the hell she’s doing here? It seems to me that she’s deceiving when she says that she does not like it…
Anyway, her bare feet are tied at the ankles and tied with a rope to one side of the bench. Her hands are tied with a rope on the other side of the bench. Her body is securely fixed and ready to tickle torture. I’m beginning to tickle her gently, over time increasing the pace. The tickling is emotionally very costly for Sally and she can’t stop laughing. She suffers, greedily inhaling the air, so as not to choke with laughter. Torment this girl with tickling is a pleasure! Sally’s beautiful, sensitive and ticklish. Enjoy!

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