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Sandra, the exorcist’s girl : Full

Length - 15:22
- 1080P -
Published 4 December, 2022

If you liked the session of ¨brutal tickling Sandra, you can not miss this new video where Sandra jumps and screams like the exorcist’s girl when she can not stand the terrible tickles that Dante will apply to our super ticklish Sandra.

Once again it will be tickled in the bed but this time it will be tied in a more special way with the legs in suspension. Poor Sandra does not expect the punishment of tickling that is going to receive throughout the body, absolutely everything including feet, armpits, sides, belly button, neck … using my wonderful electric toothbrush that is one of my favorite toys especially removing the head can be a nightmare for Sandra’s tickling feet.

If you like tickle session mercilessly do not miss this new clip.

The session continues tickling Sandra mercilessly and she writhes like a worm while she laughs without stopping completely out of control. Obviously Sandra goes the march and is a very dedicated ticklee so I increase the intensity by applying oil on the soles of the feet to brush the feet with the hair brush full.

She explodes, screams, and wriggles with laughter but what she does not know is that my beloved friend Leire is encouraged to the party, so we grab her each one by one foot and we brush her plants producing explosions of uncontrolled laughter at the same time of movements completely incredible She can not stand this but this is not over yet …

Do you want to see how far our wonderful Sandra can go? Do not miss our super ticklee Sandra in this final gang tickling with two very perverse ticklers.

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