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Secret capture of Roksana - Trying to get out, blindfolds and tickling

Length - 21:04
- 1080P -
Published 6 November, 2022

By Dero

A bad guy carries Roksana through the building and down the corridor to a dark back room.
He puts her on the floor and then kneels her down. She is already tied with ropes and black tape over them. Roksana’s eyes are blindfolded and her mouth is taped too.
The criminal orders her to try to release herself, otherwise he will punish her. Roksana tries to get out and escape but in vain. Her arms hurt and she falls to the floor. Here she struggles again to reach her bound toes with her hands. She moans and cries.

Soon, the gangster arrives to drag her into another room and punish her for her bad attempt. He leaves her on the bed to struggle for a while. Then he ties her legs to the bed frame so that she cannot move them. The man decides to have some fun and tickles her dirty feet and enjoys her suffering.
After that, he leaves her alone for some struggling. Roksana bends and twists to get free but she cannot cope with the bondage and keeps struggling…

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