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SF mummified and tickled in nylons

Length - 09:57
- 1080P -
Published 18 October, 2022

Here we have SF back, mummification wrapped, stocked and wearing dark nylons. First shes just wriggling her feet about, then I warm her up with my fingers on her nylon covered soles. Getting her to giggle more as my fingers tickle her faster. Then its time to tie back her big toes, keeping her nyloned soles in place and ready for the Pulsar electric toothbrush. You can see her mummified body squirm in the background as I make her laugh, working over the soles, toes and tops of her feet. Paying extra attention to her tickly toes, she manages to wriggle them out of the toe tie.

This isnt allowed, so I break out the 3D hairbrush and brush her soles as punishment, making her laugh harder. Her toes are tied once more, I then switch on a vibrating wand she has strapped in place and make her orgasm. You can see her squirm and orgasm while unable to escape the wrap and stocks. Its at this point shes at her most sensitive and I take advantage of that and brush her soles once more with two different brushes.

You can truly hear her losing her mind and laughing hysterically at this point. Finally I squirt her soles with baby oil and just keep brushing her soles with the 3D hairbrush. She cant go anywhere and just has to laugh mindlessly until I stop, which isnt any time soon. Towards the end you can see the brush is shredding her nylons, but they are still covering her feet.

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