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SF tickled, ripped nylons to bare

Length - 16:27
- 1080P -
Published 29 October, 2022

We come back to SF who is still hooded, mummified, ankles stocked and her nylon and oil covered soles and toes are tied back. You see me rip off her right nylon to reveal her shiny oiled sole, then start to work both soles over with my fingers. Getting her giggling and squealing, you get to discover her most sensitive spots, as she squirms away helplessly in the background. Next I rip the of the other nylon, leaving both shiny soles and sensitive toes exposed and ready for more finger tickles. Then its time to bring out the 3D hairbrush, knowing her soles love it as I bring her to hysterics and theres nothing she can do about it! Givinng her a moment to catch her breath, I switch on the vibrating wand strapped between her legs under the wrap. Then back to it with the 3D hairbrush for more hysterical laughter. I let her enjoy the wand for a few minutes with occasional sole brushing to remind her theres still more to come, before she is forced to orgasm hard. Fun fact, shes at her most sensitive at this point, so theres only one thing I can do! You guessed it! Brush her soles again! Nothing quite like hearing someone being made to laugh to the point they are losing their mind! I spend the next few minutes switching between the brush and my fingers, not letting up on her sensitive oily soles. At one point she is cheeky and swears at me, which is dealt with me breaking out the exfoliating mitt, once more making her hysterical. I had planned to be more nice, but she now deserved tickle torture. I let her catch her breath for a moment before going at her soles with a pet grooming glove, you can hear how much her feet enjoy it by the noises she makes. I decided her toes had too much freedom so I tie back her little toes too and apply a fresh coat of oil to her soles. Spending the remaining time working her soles over with the exfoliating mitt, hairbrush and grooming glove. If you love sensitive feet, strict bondage and hysterical laughter, this is the clip for you!

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