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SF tickled socks to bare

Length - 12:40
- 1080P -
Published 21 October, 2022

Here we have SF back, mummification wrapped, stocked and still with her shoes and socks on. You can see her laying there all helpless as I move towards her feet and unlace each trainer, slipping them off one by one to reveal her socked tiny UK size 4 feet. Theres nothing she can do as I start off with gentle warm up tickles with my fingers, building up to more intense tickles until she cant hold back her laughter any more and starts laughing out loud. Next I bring out a Pulsar electric toothbrush to keep the laughter coming. She may be wearing socks still, but they wont protect her sensitive feet from this! Switching back to my fingers, I work over all her most ticklish spots on her feet, making sure the laughter doesnt end. Finally I peel off her socks to expose her bare soles and pretty painted toes. Nothing to defend her feet from being tickled as my fingers work them over. She tries to resist and you can see her feet trying to get away, but unable to. Soon I break her resistance and she starts giggling again. I can tell she is getting tired, so to finish her off I use the Pulsar electric toothbrush again to make her laugh hard. About 8 mins of sock tickles and 4 mins of bare foot tickles.

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