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Six long positions with hard tickling of Taisia’s foot arches

By Dero

Six wonderful positions for long tickling Taisia. This is the longest ticklish solo with her.

1st position. Taisia was seized by the criminal and now lies with her hands tied along the body. He steals up to her under the shirt and tickles her flat, strained belly for a warm-up. He likes her foot arches a lot and he puts her feet to the head of the sofa. Her feet in heels are now open to him, and he tickles her toes. Taisia laughs and begs to stop.
2nd position. He moves Taisiya to a chair where she puts her feet on a raised bar and ties them. Now he enjoys her bare feet and tickles them in different ways. And then he ties her big toes together and tickles again.
3rd position. Now he puts Taisiya on the floor on her knees, her legs are tied and she has to keep her arches curved. He tickles them in that position in different ways.
4th position. A similar position of the feet, only now she is lying. He sits on top of her legs and tickles her arches again, and then again uses different methods for tickling.
5th position. Taisia’s feet placed into a special device for arches tickling. She is still tied and he enjoys tickling her feet with cream and oil from different angles.
Then he lays Taisiya on her back on the floor and enjoys the tickling of her open belly and navel. She is wildly ticklish.
6th position. The last test of Taisiya, where she is located on another device. Her legs are tied at an angle and positioned to ensure the strong bending of her foot arches. In such a position, he tickles her feet, and then takes another camera angle, in order to see her foot bends better and tickles them with a brush and hands with cream. Finally, he tickles Taisia’s sides and says goodbye to her.

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