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Spy Irene out of action – Fighting and playing with her body

By Dero
Spy Irene enters the apartment in search of some important papers – here they are in front of her. She doesn’t notice how a man crept up behind her. He grabs her and they fight – she gets a few punches and turns off. The masked unknown man frisks Irene. She slowly wakes up and tries to get up to fight back. Another fight occurs, Irene makes punches but receives retaliatory strikes and bear hug from behind. After that, she receives powerful blows and turns off again.

The criminal lays her down and lets her get up – again the struggle between them, Irene turns off and the criminal plays with her body, then he drags her over his shoulder. Then he puts her on the sofa, searches her and finds a certificate. Then he takes off her jacket and gloves and again plays with her thin body.
When Irene wakes up, we again see a short fight and capture from behind, then the criminal takes Irene in a cradle carry and then puts her on the table where he takes a fingerprint from her and scans the retina of her eye.

Then he takes off her jeans and strokes her feet, then he turns her on her stomach and ties her hands behind the back and her feet. As a result, Irene is hogtied. When she wakes up the criminal
tickles her sides and feet.
After that, he leaves the girl alone, but she manages to untie herself and run away.

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