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Spy protocol: Feet & Nipples tickling

Made by request. Feel free to mail us about custom videos for you.

Ann and Nana are 2 spies, Ann wants to secretly tickle nana and masturbate, so she find the excuse of a new interrogation protocol to test; but Nana ask Ann to be the first test subject.

Ann is laying down on the bed naked, tied spread eagle; Nana gets the protocol paper and start to tickle Ann breast and nipples first, with electric toothbrush and fingers, while following the protocol. Ann try to resist but her nipples and breast are too sensitive. After she reveal the first password.

Then Nana move to the feet (continue to follow the paper), grab the black stocking and apply it to one of Ann’s feet, then she start tickling with her fingers and the electric toothbrush, asking questions and teasing Ann, then she move to the bare foot, using tongue, electric toothbrush and then fingers, slowly following the protocol. The tickling and verbal teasing break Ann after few minutes, and she reveal the second password.

The girls now switch places, and now it is Ann’s turn to use the “protocol” on Nana, in the exact same way, spending about 10 minutes on breast tickling and 10 on feet tickling

After Nana reveal both passwords; Ann reveal that she love to tickle and Nana understand that this was a trap, so while Ann tickle and lick slowly Nana’s bare foot, making her laugh; she start masturbating with the hitachi, until she get the orgasm after few minutes, while Nana laugh and beg her to stop.

Made by request. Feel free to mail us about custom videos for you. Ann and Nana are 2 spies, Ann wants to secretly...
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