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Length - 24:03 -
Definition - 1080P

Squat challenge – Leya

This clip is a real bondage challenge for Leya. It was shot in a cinematic style, we hope you will appreciate the picture.
So, Leya is tied up in a very uncomfortable squatting position. Her legs are tied separately, her hands are tied behind her back. Her mouth is gagged with a tight ballgag, a collar is around her neck, which is fixed to a crossbar, set parallel to the floor, and fixed to a post.

In other words, Leya is doomed to be in a very uncomfortable position for as long as Masked man, her tormentor, decides. While Leya suffers and struggles with the pain from tired legs, Masked man walks up to her from time to time and strikes her ass with a bamboo cane. Leya sheds tears and fights to the end. Enjoy!

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