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Stocks, Bare Feet and Toeties 5/5

Stocks, Bare Feet and Toeties 5/5


Length : 7:04

With her stocked and toetied feet all bare and exposed, I begin to tickle them with my fingers. I break out the 3D hairbrush once more to get her laughing and scrunching up her soles. Switching to a flat hairbrush only keeps the laughter flowing. I keep switching between the two until I decide she deserves a nice foot massage with lotion… or so she thinks. After a nice coating of lotion on her soles and between her toes I get her giggling once again with my fingers. Then comes the real fun as again I switch between both hairbrushes, getting her in fits of hysterical laughter. Watch as her soles scrunch! Finally its time to finish up with the exfoliating mitts as she is tickled until she can laugh no more.

Bare feet, lotion and toeties.

Part 5 of 5 in this series.

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Ticklish Fantasies

Videos of women in helpless situations, such as stocked or mummified and tickled to fulfil your fantasies… and theirs.

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