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Sucking virgin ticklish feet

In the last recording I asked Nina if someone had ever sucked her feet. I thought so because she is bisexual and there is twice the chance that someone had sucked her delicious feet. To my surprise she said no and I could not avoid the temptation to propose a video in which she would be tickled with my tongue. She replied that she was very ashamed and this still encouraged me to persuade her that this would be a good experience for her.

Finally the following week she came to the studio and told me that she accepted my proposal, and I delightedly tied her to the bed to taste her delicious and ticklish feet.
As soon as I begin, Nina’s reactions to the contact with my dirty tongue are special, mmm … She can’t hold back the laughter and shudders loudly as she intensely sucks on her toes and soles. I suck them up and down, sucking her toes one by one. I also nibble every inch of her feet and best of all she is excited and delighted with the experience.
Of course she is also tickled with my fingers and a metal nail while she sucks on her feet frantically, and she squirms with pleasure and feels very happy.

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