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Super Ticklish Ada in the car

Ada lies on a car-seat with tied hands, her mouth is gagged with tape and I tickle her armpits and sides intensely – she wriggles and laughs.
Then Ada sits and I tickle her again and shut her mouth insolently. Her large boobs swing from tickling, and her puffy tummy peeking out from under the shirt (also very ticklish). Then I tickle Ada‘s dirty soles that stick out of the car.
Further, Ada finds herself tied to a tree by the hands – I put my hands under her vest and tickle her body.

We move indoor. Ada is locked in stocks. She (without makeup) sits with her hands and feet fixed and I tickle her upper body. Then I go to her feet and tickle them with my hands and a massager. Then I again go to her upper body and tickle Ada even more, and in the end, I turn again to her feet.

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