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Sweet laugh – Amina vs Vasilisa – tickle in stocks and plastic wrap

Vasilisa fell into young Amina’s hands this time. She is on a bench with her hands fixed with a plastic, and her feet are fixed in small stocks.

Amina is going to make fun of her in every way, and of course, starts with tickling her beautiful feet.
She tickles them with her fingernails, and then with a pedicure device. Vasilisa bursts with laughter and giggles loudly.

Then Amina passes to the sides of her victim – here she is even more ticklish. Sometimes I join and tickle Vasilisa’s feet.
Her sweet young laugh gives pleasure to us and we are tickling her sides and armpits together, as well as her elastic and tender belly.
We tickle Vasilisa intensely and now give her a break.

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