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Symphony of Laughs on the Bed

Length - 07:35
- 1080P -
Published 15 November, 2022

In this clip, Rosa will be tied at her wrists and ankles to be tickled by two ticklers all over her body. Ticklers will make multiple tickle combinations in your armpits, sides, neck, stomach, soles, and toes. Rosa squirms and laughs in great bursts of laughter until she is exhausted.
Dante will also suck her feet while she will tickle them with her fingers, and he will also use a brush.
Our other tickler will tickle Rosa’s upper body with a feather and surprise attacks with her fingers on her armpits, arms, neck, sides and stomach, while Rosa reacts with brutal laughs, screams and twisting her body. He also use a pinwheel for these parts of Rosa´s body and her reaction are fantastic.
Dante will take the opportunity to suck and bite Rosa’s fleshy feet while she reacts with laughter and spasms …
The multiple combination of all these stimuli on Rosa’s body make her lose control sooner than we thought. Rosa really is hyper ticklish and it’s delicious to be able to tickle her and see her reactions.

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