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Take off her boots and pantyhose – Watching in POV of sleeping Kristy

Definition - 1080P
Length - 17:17


Kristy is asleep on her bed and she is tired and therefore hasn’t even taken off her clothes including red stiletto boots. I crept up and took off her shoes slowly and began to feel her feet in pantyhose. After that, I approached her from behind and touched her body, and when she woke up I put her to sleep and put a cloth gag on her mouth – and began to feel her, checked her eye and then turned her upside down and pulled off her jacket and skirt. I feel her ass and feet.

I bent her knees (faint) and examined her between her legs.

Now that Kristy was awake, I knocked her out again and played with her body. She fell up her booty and I feel her again – and then pulled the pantyhose off her ass to feel naked.

I massaged her feet and took off her pantyhose completely to enjoy her bare legs. I spread Christy’s legs so that her black panties are visible – and began to massage and sniff her feet. Now Kristy wakes up and I knock her out again and take her on my shoulder, drag her a little. Now I put it on the bed and examine it.

Kristy woke up as if nothing had happened and began to dress in clothes for going out – jeans and socks and then street shoes and a jacket – I watched her leave the house.

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