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Taken for ransom and brought to the woods

Scene 1: The takedown
The girls are walking through an industrial or suburban area on their way back from the city, it may be a little dark but not too dark. We need to see everything well. We see from the man’s view as he starts to follow them. Suddenly he pulls his weapon and says “quiet, don’t make a sound. Both of you get down on your knees, hands on top of your heads !” They look really scared but don’t say so much except for some light whining. They go down on their knees. He takes out a roll of duct tape and says to Susanna: “Alright, tie your friend’s hands behind her back, make it quick”.

Susanna says “I’m so sorry” to Ameliya before rolling duct tape around her wrists, securing them behind her back. The man then says “both of you, lay down on your stomach”. He now duct tapes Susanna’s hands behind her back, before getting both of them on their feet. He gags both of them with a dirty scarf or similar. Then they are pushed in front of him, and they end up in his car that is parked very close. He pushes them into the trunk and closes the back door. Drives away quickly….

Scene 2: Taken to the woods for play and ransom demand
Car stops by the woods. The girls struggle in their bonds. He drags them out of the car trunk and on their feet. “How about a trip in the woods ?” The girls cry and beg “please, you can do anything….just let us go”. He replies “shut up and stand still !” He removes the gags and cuts off the duct tape around their wrists and they are commanded to put their hands over their head. He them to walk into the woods with their hands over their head. No gag is needed as no one would hear them here. They are taken to a place where there are two trees close to each other. He tells them to sit down with their back against the tree and put their hands behind the tree and their feet straight out in front of them. He ties their hands behind the tree nice and quick with tape. Their feet are tied together by the ankles (top of the Converse shoes), also with tape. The dirty scarf is again used to gag them. He says “sit tight, I need to pick something up”.
When he gets back he removes the gags. He says to Ameliya “open your mouth”. He puts the barrel into her mouth and she has to suck it like she gives a blowjob. Not sideways but directly in front. After a few secs, he moves it to Susanna and it into her mouth for a nice sucking. Then he takes out his camera and starts taking photos of them. He laughs and says “I need some ransom shots to send to your parents”.

He then cuts them free and tells them to take off their jackets so they just have tops left on upper body. He ties their hands together over their heads with rope and fastens the rope in a branch a bit higher up in the tree.  He removes their Converse shoes so that they stand with socks directly on the ground. The shoes are left right next to them. He then stretches the rope so that they have to stand on their toes. He grabs their feet one at a time so he can smell their socks. He also briefly put their socked foot between his legs. They are very uncomfortable.
He takes more photos of them and picks out Ameliya’s phone which she has in her pocket. He takes more photos of them with her phone, telling them to look sexy. He then calls up her step-father and tells him he has to pay 1 mill USD by the next morning if he wants to see her and her friend again. The girls are terrified. After that, he calls his buddy and asks him to come for double upper body tickling of the girls.

Scene 3: The girls’ final fate… or is it?
The girls have now been standing tied hands overhead for a while. The man comes back. He releases them from all and says “we are moving, put your shoes back on”. They put on their shoes and he quickly ties their hands behind their backs with zip ties. A blindfold is put over their eyes. He pushes them a bit further in the woods.
After that, he decides to have some fun and he and his friend start to tickle and flog their feet.
Finally, they are taken a little off the path and down on their knees. The man stands behind them about. First, we see this from his view behind them. He takes off their blindfold and says “sorry, but your step-father could not pay, and I cannot risk you telling about this”. He then, on at a time, shoots them in the back of the head and they fall to the ground. Then we see the same shooting scene once again, but then the scene is filmed in front of the girls, they are shot and fall to the ground.

We see the girls laying apparently “not alive” on the ground. The man roll and drag their bodies so they end up laying side by side each other face down. He smiles and says “hehe, you have just been put to rest. You will wake up in a couple of hours and have no idea of what happened. Its been a pleasure, maybe I see you some other time ;-)“

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