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Target Leya 2 – New ABS tickle training for young fighter

By John. Made by request

Story: After a crushing defeat in the fight, Leya’s career fell before her eyes. She decides to quit fighting and become a super cool police agent.
The clip begins when Leya hits a boxing bag and prepares herself for an agents school. The squeaky door breaks off her training and two men appear in the room. Leya recognizes them, the very bastards who destroyed her ABS and exhausted her physically before those battle.

Here’s a link to the video of how they did it:
Target: Leya. Neutralizing young fighter by abs tickling (FULL HD MP4)
As it turns out, this time they came to help the girl.
– Do you really want to be an agent?
Leya confirms and gets handcuffed immediately afterward.
– Don’t worry, we will help you.

The men decide to train Leya’s muscles so she wouldn’t have any more weaknesses.
There are 4 scenes in the video, and in all scenes, two men tickle, spank, point fingers and Leya’s belly in every way.

1st scene: Leya is tied to the bench and stretched out on it. She has her mouth taped and a blindfold on her eyes.
2nd scene: Leya is hogtied, her mouth is taped. They roll her from side to side, tickle, and torment her stomach and navel.
3rd scene: Leya is on the table. Her face is open. She has a pillow under her back, which makes her bend her stomach upside down. Her legs and arms are tied. Men continue to tickle and her stomach and belly button.
4th scene: The Leya is fixed on a red bench with her hands tied. Her stomach is oiled and tickled, despite her exhaustion and protests.

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