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Length - 35:30 -
Definition - 1080P

Target: Leya. Neutralizing young fighter by abs tickling

The story. Leya comes back after a gym. She is broadcasting for her fans where she says that tomorrow she will have a fight with her sworn rival. Leya is a strong boxer and her main advantage is her powerful abs. A nice and beautiful boxer doesn’t know yet that she is already being watched by two mobsters who were hired to catch her and completely destroy her strong abdominal muscles with tickling. Their task is to neutralize Leya using tickling so that she will lose the battle.
During the broadcast, Leya notices that two guys are following her and trying to get away from them. She runs into the building but doesn’t have time to slam the door behind her and the gangsters overtake her.

In the next scene, she is tied to a post with tape over mouth.
– So, bitch, I got some instructions from my customer, and my partner and I will make you lose the battle tomorrow. Oh yeah, we also have an order not to leave marks on your body so that you cannot prove anything.
Leya has a strong and very delicate belly and it was absolutely not ready for tickling and slapping at the hands of gangsters. Leya laughs from tickling and loses energy, but she can do nothing about it because she is tightly tied.

In the second scene, Leya is hogtied and again tickled. The bandits roll her from side to side and tickle and slap her strong belly. Leya laughs and squeals, and over time her muscles become weaker and weaker.

In the third scene, Leya is tied up on a bench. The gangsters continue to tickle her stomach and destroy her abs. Leya is very angry and unhappy, but even being in such a state, she laughs and jerks as hell.

In the fourth scene, Leya is tied up on a table with gagged mouth and a blindfold. She is completely helpless. The bandits lubricate her belly with oil and continue to fiercely tickle her and slap her belly, while Leya continues to twitch and squeal.
– Finally, it’s done, her powerful abs have become like jelly. Now I will call the customer and report on the success. And most importantly, babe, there’re no marks on your tummy, and you cannot prove anything to anyone. Soon we will let you go, because you have a fight soon and you need to prepare, hahaha! In the meantime, lie down here and cool down a bit!
The bandits go off, turning off the light, leaving Leya in the basement tied to the table alone.

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