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Tatyana. The first meeting for tickling

Name: Tatyana
Age: 25
Height: 174 cm
Shoe size – 38 (8,5 US)

Occupation: model
In this video you will see how we got to know Tatyana. She came to us for the first time. She sits on the couch and we chat a little (short interview). She shows her bare feet on the camera and moves her beautiful toes.

Then I ask her about where she is more sensitive to tickling. After her answers, my partner came up to her and tickled her a little bit (tickling test).

Based on her reaction, we decide to tie her to a chair in an unusual pose where her bare feet and tummy with armpits will be available for tickling. So, Tatyana is tied and we start to her by turns. Basicly we tickle her feet, as well as the upper body. Tatyana responds perfectly to tickling, she’s ticklish and has a nice laugh. Enjoy!

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