Teach me how to tickle you (and you'll regret)


Length – 26:42

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Girls play game “Truth or Dare”. Kate choose dare, and Viviene got the idea to tickle her. Kate like that idea, she heard about tickling torture and always wanted to try, but haven’t a chance before. She is very ticklish, but also like to try new things.

Vivien cuffs her hands and feet together and start slow tickling. But Viviene didn’t have experience of that before, so for couple of minutes there is very low reaction/ Then Kate, as she really wants to try and became very excited about it, start to help Viviene, say which places are more ticklish.

After some time Viviene understood many things how to tickle Kate. She use mostly her fingers, but also hairbrush for few minutes. She start really like ti tickle Kate. When it became intense and Kate start to laugh and scream too loud, Vivien use a ballgag to her.

To the end of video Kate really regret about that idea, because it’s torturous.

Girls speak in Russian, video is with English subtitles.

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