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Teresita Foot Tickling Debut

Teresita is an 18-year-old Latina girl who has contacted us thanks to a good friend of hers, he is a follower of muertasderisa. Teresita saw some of our videos and she contacted us to record so she could debut in the world of tickle fetishism because she has never been tickled and she wants to try how she feels.
Teresita is an innocent girl to put herself in the hands of a professional tickler since she really doesn’t know how ticklish she can be.

We are going to see this little by little since Teresita has signed several scenes with us and she really has no idea of ??the sophisticated techniques that we use in muertasderisa.
She has juicy size 38 feet with very soft and warm soles, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to touch and tickle them.
In this first time Dante will tickle the feet of our sweet young Teresita with nylon socks and we will be able to hear Teresita’s sweet laugh and her reactions as soon as the session begins.
Teresita’s bursts of laughter are addictive and I can’t stop tickling her during this first session and she doesn’t stop laughing like crazy.

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