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Terribly Ticklish Rebecca

Length - 21:27
- 1080P -
Published 4 September, 2022

(If you like extreme tickling sessions without mercy, I recommend this video) Now it’s turn of my neighbor Rebecca, a 25-year-old Latina who lives around the corner from my house and I always meet her at the supermarket. She has beautiful, delicate feet and super tickles, but she still doesn’t have an idea. Rebeca is a rather shy and reserved girl and I thought she could use a good therapy. Then I proposed to record with us and to my surprise I accept. Rebecca has never been tied and tickled and does not know our fetish world, so she is a virgin in every way and this is going to be a very intense experience for her. Inocently she tells me that when she was little some step-sister tickled her but nothing to do with being in the hands of a real Tickler.

Poor Rebecca, you can’t imagine how ticklish she can be… At the beginning of the session Rebeca is very nervous and at the same time excited by the idea of receiving this new treatment. She is not sure how ticklish it will be and this excites her even more. As soon as I start the session, she burst out laughing and my suspicions were right and Rebeca is hyper-ultra- ticklish all over her body, but this time I will focus on her delicious feet number 37, which I will tickle mercilessly at the clamp with all kinds of advanced tools and techniques of which she has no idea. Rebecca twists and laughing as she tickles the virgin soles of her feet mercilessly. She can’t stand this and explodes with brutal laughter, begs for clemency, cries and cracks her toes trying to escape punishment, but this is impossible and therapy has just begun.

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