The Beautiful Senada Discovers She Has Horribly Ticklish Feet


Length – 12:04 – 720P

The beautiful and very sexy Senada is a new 23 years old model who came from Albania to study in France and we got the opportunity to welcome her in our tickling world.

This gorgeous girl is fantastic because she absolutely loves to be tickled and she is as ticklish as she is beautiful.
SHE IS INTERVIEWED IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE for the first two minutes of the clip and she’s immobilized with her sexy soles up for her first merciless bare feet tickling experience.
The punishment begins with feathers and after a few moment the Tickler increases the tickling with his fingers, brushes and different tools.

Senada didn’t imagined that her feet were so ticklish and she was surprised at the level of tickling she got but she enjoyed it so much even
if it drives her insane.

She bursts out with uncontrollable laughter all long the clip and she has one of the most sexiest and perfect laughter that we heard for a long time.
Senada is just perfect because her ticklishness is as great as her wonderful and helpless feet.
Another beauty tickled to hell who enjoyed a lot her first tickling punishment!

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