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Definition - 1080P
Length - 72:26

The Collector. Burglar overtaken by burglar (custom film)

Made by request from our customer.
Features: video duration – 1:12:26 (bitrate 6,6 Mbps).
Video includes tickling and bondage in action.
Devises – ball gag, ropes, tape, stocks. With subtitles.
Outfit: tight jeans, blouse, white underwear, boots (no socks) then barefoot.

Burglar Vlada breaks in apartment, sees some strange “furniture” but she doesn’t give it further notice. Since the bedroom is very nice, she lays a little on the bed. Suddenly a strange noise, this can’t be, the owner doesn’t come back before tomorrow. She takes of her boots sneaks around silently. She sees a masked man searching around., goes back grabs her boots, hides the money inside them and sneaks out. Outside, boots still in her hands, she gets surprised from behind and brought back to the apartment.

Scene 1: Vlada sits on the sofa with already tied legs. He ties her feisty legs. She tells him to let her go, she was only here to empty the mailbox and water the flowers. What flowers, don’t lie to me. He puts few stripes of tape over her mouth unbuttons her blouse and breast-ropes her. Puts her down on the sofa hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a thin long string. He tells her that he has to hide the car outside but soon will be back to talk, leaves her alone for some struggling.

Scene 2: Vlada, free from hogtie and toe-tie hops around looking to get free as he comes back. Oh no you can’t already leave, grabs her and ties her onto the table. He starts to tickle her with a feather. Too much wriggling, you like that? He ties her big toes together, tickles her, better but then he has an idea ties another sting to her tied toes and pulls them back and ties the string to her tied feed. Whoo that is new for Vlada. After some more she lies and tells him that she has brought the valuables already to her car outside. He leaves her to check it. Great, what a fool, now I have only to get free, take my boots outside and bye bye.

Scene 3: Vlada got free, wants to leave when he returns with her boots,, what a great timing…

Scene 4: Vlada kneels on the bed with already tied hands and legs. She tells him that she forgot, but there’s some money in her boots. Another lie? Let’s play a little more. No, were her last words then few stripes of tape over her mouth to shut her up, Vlada makes big eyes. Her blouse is still open breast-ropers her, puts her down on the bed and ties her legs. That bedframe, you will like that, Vlada shakes her head. He grabs her feet and ties them onto the bed frame. Vlada is pissed as he also ties her big toes together, even more when he returns with the feather and starts to tickle her again. You are very feisty I like that. Vlada wriggles and struggles, seems almost to burst. That’s the time to leave her alone for a short time.

Scene 5: Vlada just got only free from the bed frame and toe-tie as her returns. Oh no he immediately he puts her in a real tight hogtie and ties her big toes also tight together. Vlada is 100 % pissed. Well let’s tie all her toes together, oh no, Vlada tries to spread her toes. Oh yes, adds another thin long string from her tied toes to her tied arms. He tells her that he now goes to put all the stuff in his car and leaves her alone. Finally let’s hope he doesn’t come back.

Scene 6: Vlada got out of hogtie and toe-tie and ties to grab with her toes but still tied feet/legs the scissors on the floor when she suddenly sees that he’s back. Vlada is perplexed. He takes of her gag, are you letting me go, you really can take everything. No, he says but I found an interesting piece of furniture.

Scene 7: Vlada sits in the chair as he puts her wriggling legs in the stocks. You asshole you can’t do that I will never get out of this. He puts a ball-gag in her mouth, says that in this case the owner has a nice present when he comes back tomorrow. Vlada boils with rage as he starts to tie every single toe with a string back to the round holder, 5 on the left and 5 on the right on the top of the stock. He enjoys a last time to tickle her sole and, between her toes with a feather. Then he says, you look great, leaves her alone for struggling. The end.

Made by request from our customer. Features: video duration - 1:12:26 (bitrate 6,6 Mbps). Video includes tickling and bondage in action. Devises...

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